Bespoke Forged
From Passion

A Designer’s Dream to Modernize

The concept for Heureux XII began with one designer’s dream to combine her passion for textiles, her obsession with horses, and a desire for quality bespoke equestrian products. Founded on the principle that ambition and perseverance should be delicately synchronized with sophistication and style, Heureux XII intertwines couture style into each creation.

Lyndsy Calato, the founder and creator of the brand, grew up riding and showing in Texas and was taught the importance of an immaculately groomed horse and a pristine show appearance. As the needs of early adulthood took over and riding was put on hold, she discovered a passion and career in the interior design industry. Lyndsy was exposed to an extensive world of textiles and the process of engineering bespoke creations. When she returned to riding at the age of 40, her show career took off but was always closely accompanied by the cherished memories from her youth and the importance of horse and rider showmanship.

With countless other equestrian brands covering the horizon, Lyndsy began to forge what her own ideal equestrian designs would look like. She questioned why high-performance material and premium fabrics could be used in a multitude of interior design applicaitons, but were not used in the equestrian world. With extensive knowledge and experience, Lyndsy began to design and sculpt an array of accessories that illuminated her vision and brought it to life. These accessories include high-performance saddle pads, riding belts and a saddle pad carryall that embody couture details, quality fabrics and exceptional performance. The horses she rode in the show ring, Bright ‘N’ Happy and Baker’s Dozen, are who Lyndsy thanks for helping her achieve success in the equestrian world. Thus, she named the company Heureux (French for “happy”) XII as tribute to those horses and her fondness of French textiles.

Although equestrian fashion trends are constantly evolving, elegant design is timeless. With meticulous refinement of details and the curation of textiles from prestigious design houses around the world, Heureux XII caters to the most discerning equestrians who expect nothing but the best for their horses, and themselves.